The Starting Point

Hey Everyone..

Lets just begin by introducing my self.
The general things that basically should be known are:
My network nickname, I would love to be called RubyRora.
I was born on 26th Ocotber.
I have mix-blooded of Malay+Chinese. That's why sometimes people get confused whether to speak Chinese or Malay to me..
''Amoi'' is also one of my nick name.. because I have a ''sepet'' eyes.

Next point that is particularly important to be highlighted is:-
''I hate BLOGGING as well as writing DIARIES too..''

Actually, i was created this Blog account last 2 years ago. But, i found myself was not interesting at all to express everything i felt in words. To me, logically, how can feelings, desires, loves, angers could be express in words??
Those emotions are too complex and subjects and of course cant be translated in to alphabets.

However, up until one time, I begin to realize why people love so much on blogging. Bloggers are trying to spill out their feeling into a medium that enable people to read and understand even though they might not fully understand your emotions. But at least, the bloggers have someone who willing to listen and read her complication as well her happiness.

why I say so..?

Today I've been faced so many complications. Even though the problems is not like a zillions world-matter problems yet, those problems are hunting me on my mind physically and emotionally. I am trying to find a correct person who willing to listen my spills, unfortunately, I didn't find any. I have many close friends. But the closest friend I have is only 1. She's the one who always with me when I was happy and technically when i was sad tooo. But why I just dont try to spill on her?? why..?? This is because my feeling has said so.. (let's just leave this matter unknown)

Then, now i realize, maybe i can just telling my story into my laptop and post it into the Blog instead of Facebook. Facebook to me, is was too open. Which people can always read my new feeds every seconds and get vomit and annoy with my lame posts. hahaha..
this was true when there was a time a guy buzz me on the Facebook chat box and ask me to stop my lame post. ~.~' By the way, I have my right to write anything I want da~
yet, i have to considers the readers feelings too. So, I think, Blogging will be the best answer of which site i can YELL out loud! If people love to hear me yelling, so they are pleased to read. But, if they get annoyed with me, they are free to leave my blog.

So, as this my first post for after long time.. I would like to warm welcome myself into this blogging arena. which I wish my self can consistently spill everything accumulated inside my humble heart. Trust me not, by spilling your matters, at least it 20-50% cures our tension and forces assemble inside our heart or, it brings up 20-50% more happiness and chills.

so with that.. I end my post :)

A sincere heart women,